10 Life Lessons from My Cats

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Cats are big news. They are everywhere. Funny videos and memes. People just seem to seem to love them. What is this appeal they have? Is it what they represent? Home, comfort, love and cuddles? Is it because they have similar traits to humans; cautious, suspicious, independent, self-reliant and sometimes introverted?

Well I am not afraid to say that I love my cats. They bring us such joy and love and they provide us with entertainment and make us laugh…

Cats are also great teachers. Here are some the things that they are great at doing and the lessons that I can take away from these feline creatures;

1.Take care of yourself– they are constantly grooming and preening themselves. They sharpen their paws and make sure they are well fed and watered.

Life lesson- take time for me, look after myself first and then the rest of the family. Don’t neglect my self-care and maintenance. (Recommendations for beauty therapists anyone?)

2.Persistence pays off– cats get what they want. They pester and harass and don’t give up. Whether it is to be fed, to be let out the door or for a scratch or cuddle.

Life lesson- go after my goals like this. Don’t falter in getting what I want and don’t take no for an answer. (Contact me today for content generation and LinkedIn optimization!)

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3.Keep moving forward– cats slip up, skid across the tiles, fall from trees and often don’t quite reach the seat of that barstool as they jump up onto it. But, they keep at it. They keep on trying.

Life lesson- do not be afraid to aim for dizzy heights and don’t underestimate my potential. (Have I mentioned I am really good at optimizing your business and professional LinkedIn profile!)

4.Aim high– cats are incredible. They can jump up a high wall, across from branch to branch and up onto the kitchen counter. They size up the height or distance, gather themselves up and launch. They make it look so easy.

Life lesson- aim high in my pursuits. Take time to plan, prepare and refine my goals and make the most of all my resources. (Network with me today and let us see how we can collaborate.)

5.Focus-our cats will not be distracted when they have their eye on a creature- be it a moth or bird; they are so focused and on a mission, that they do not see or hear us.

Life lesson- Amazing things happen when we focus and do not allow distraction to take place. (Note to self; do not casually scroll through Facebook’s timeline with no purpose in mind!)

6.Live in the moment– cats do what they feel like. Sit in the sun then move on to sit at your feet. Race up the stairs or chase their tail. They do just what they feel like at that moment.

Life lesson- Take some time off, find a sunny spot and just be! (If you are looking for me I will be curled up on the bean bag in the afternoon sun.)

7.Amazement in simple things– a bit of string, a scrunched-up piece of paper, who needs expensive toys when cats have these simple things to play with.

Life lesson- Appreciate the small things in life and look at the world in constant wonderment.

8.Love is all there is– Our cat is often waiting at the door when we get home. They move from room to room with us and often join us on walks up the road. We are their life and they love us for taking care of them (well, I think they do). I cuddle our cats and feel their soft fur against my cheek and life suddenly feels a bit better,

Life lesson- Cats teach us to love better, be more affectionate and deal with people with empathy.

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9.Be flexible– cats are quick and can get themselves out of a situation quickly. They react with speed and efficiency like when they dash up a tree or go under a car when a dog approaches.

Life lesson- Be nimble and quick on my feet. Learn to adapt and be proactive.

10.Cats take a lot of naps- seriously, a lot! They know when to lie down and take a break. This is a priority for them. When they have played enough they just find a comfortable spot and sleep. I once mentioned to my vet that my cats sleep most of the day and night and is this normal? She laughed and said yes, very normal.

Life lesson- Rest when I can, take a moment and put my feet up and relax. It is ok, I do not have to be working ALL the time. Be in the moment and enjoy it!

  • Nicci Fletcher


    Very enjoyable read with a lovely balance of observation and humour with a bit of “shameless” self-promotion thrown in! I would also include that cats can be tarty when they roll on their backs & demand a tummy tickle. Life Lesson: be yourself, become comfortable in your skin, let your self-confidence shine out and demand the pampering you deserve. In other words, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”!

    • Super Shazzer

      Thanks so much for the comment. ha ha, yes, I should add that in…

  • Melissa Javan


    Wow i love this

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Melissa, thanks so much

  • Lauren Kinghorn


    Love it! Beautiful post. Witnessed an amazing friendship developing between our very skittish housecat and 2 neighbourhood cats. We’d come downstairs during the night & find she had invited her ginger friends in & they were grooming each other or having a midnight snack. Sadly our cat became ill & passed away. After a few days her 2 Gingers adopted us. 🙂 It was like they knew we needed them.

    • Super Shazzer

      That is so cool. There is a ginger cat that visits us and I think he is the one that has attacked our cat- twice. Have had to take her to the vet to get stitched up and has cost us a fortune.

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