15 Signs You’re Getting Older

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So, I’m in my latish 40’s but still feel like I am 20. Where did the time go? When did this happen? How does time go by so quickly?

Here are some things that creep up and signs that you are not as young as you thought you were;

  1. You wake up early on days you can sleep in
  2. You have to lift your boobs up to dry underneath them
  3. Your knees creak when you walk up the stairs
  4. You ask about the parking situation before you go anywhere
  5. All you want to do is sit down and enjoy a cup of tea
  6. You know people who have died or are dealing with a dread disease
  7. You go early to the Saturday markets to miss the crowds
  8. You prefer going out earlier for a drink or dinner
  9. A perfect night is staying in with take away curry and watching the series channel
  10. You must get home to feed your cat
  11. You enjoy trips to Makro or Builder Warehouse
  12. You understand the importance of having a good coffee machine at home
  13. You spend more money on anti-ageing treatments
  14. You pee when you sneeze (don’t you hate that)
  15. You can’t read the instructions on the medicine bottle

But I embrace all of that (mainly because there is NOTHING I can do about it).

There is so much good in this wealth of experience of life that I have enjoyed and I appreciate the richness of my life right now.

Your age is just the number of years the world has been enjoying you.

My mission- to take on a fearless attitude towards what really is happening to my body and life. Accept what it is I cannot change and actively work on what I can.

Can you relate? What have you experienced? I would love to hear.


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