5 Daily Habits of Gratitude

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Rising each morning and breathing in the fresh air. That smell of ground coffee and the first welcoming sip as I watch the sun rise over the mountains on yet another day filled with opportunities. The cat purring by side as my hand rests on her warm soft fur. My son calling from his bed for me to come and comfort him.

I am grateful for this and all the other blessings in my life. I am also grateful for the tough times where I learnt just how capable and strong I am. I realise that everything that has happened in my life has served me, and so-called crises have become blessings.

The key to developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is practising it every day. Here are some tips on how to make gratitude a daily habit;

Reflect on the day. Before you go to sleep write in a Gratitude Journal. Some prompts to assist in the process could be starting with the sentence, Today I am thankful for… or I really appreciate… or Today I show my gratitude by…

Appreciate small everyday blessings. Be mindful while eating and enjoy the taste of the food. Take focused time while playing with kids and be in that very moment. Enjoy the magnificent cloud formations or colourful flowers on the side of the road.

Be grateful for yourself. Practise self-love. Take care of yourself and take the time to tell yourself what you are grateful for. I know I am grateful for my strong body and legs that get to me where I want to go. I am grateful for skills that I have learnt in previous jobs that I can apply to the work that I am doing now.

Express gratitude to others. Acknowledge how others have specifically helped you or others succeed. Call a friend or send an e-mail. You could say, ‘Thanks for all you’ve done for me. You always make a difference to my life or, ‘My son’s academic progress this year can be attributed to your caring attention and guidance and I am grateful for your kindness and everything you have done for him.’

Show gratitude at meals. It could be a prayer or just a few short words. It might be just to yourself or a family member gets to share their thoughts. You can be grateful for the meal you are about to enjoy or something that happened in the day. Speaking it out loud is very powerful.

Treasure every moment you have and show appreciation for the people and experiences in your life.

Those who count their blessings, who are grateful, have more blessings and fulfillment in life than those who do not. This is a simple principle. Yet it has the power to change your life. Dr John Demartini

What are you grateful for in your life?

What or who do you appreciate?

Who has done something kind or good for you recently?

I would love to hear.


  • Tracey


    This morning was beautiful.

    A cold, bright day and when you breathe out you see your own breath.

    The trees with all their Autumn colours are stunning.

    I’m grateful that I can walk from my front door and I’m surrounded by nature in all her glory.

  • Trenna


    Today I wrote the hardest post of my life trying to get a grip on gratitude. Thanks so much for this post today. I needed it. Funny, you never know where your words will find a home. Today your words found a home in my heart.

  • Annette Pedersen


    Small blessings…I love that you wrote that. No matter how small the good things are in our life, they count! Thank you for all the reminders here. Great post!

  • Linda Rethman


    Sharon you and your generosity , your zest for life , sharing and caring , have been blessings In my life ! Thank you !

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