A Lightness of Being

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“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” Yogi Bhajan

Speeding down the road on my bike, climbing trees, scampering down hills, bareback horse riding, sliding down rocks in rivers and body surfing in the waves.

The freedom of movement and joy in the moment. The lightness of my youthful body and the flexibility of my limbs.

This was my childhood.

My wish is to get back that “lightness of being”, that joy of being in the world.

Age and the stresses and burdens of life have weighed me down (in more ways than one). The heaviness of the body, the weight of the world on my shoulders and the restrictions in the movement of my limbs. The back aches and pains and stiffness of joints. (Blimey, I sound like an old person!)

My wish is to;

» Be free and move with ease and grace

» Move lightly on this planet

» Let life flow through me and around me

» Talk freely and share what’s on my mind

» See the joy in the ordinary

This journey has started with my yoga practise, meditation, walking and mindful eating and long may it continue.

We shall not carry life but let go and go with the flow, allowing life to carry us.

“I would like to travel light on this journey of life, to get rid of the encumbrances I acquire each day.” Madeleine L’Engle

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