An Open Letter to My Husband

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an open letter to my husban sharon atkins super cool stuff

Every day I am so grateful for my life and to have you in my life.

You are an amazing hands on Dad to Sydney and Matthew and a wonderful supportive husband.

You can be a pain in the butt sometimes- especially when you….

~ complain about my hair in the drain

~leave your shoes on the table

~start tidying up the minute you get home (even though it has been tidied)

~complain about my ever growing pile of books and magazines

~harass me on my financial budget or lack thereof

Really not too much to complain about! After all that, we are very fortunate that we are the same in a lot of ways. We…~ don’t sweat the small stuff

~are very adaptable and flexible (in more ways than one he he)

~are sticklers for being on time

~cherish our family and put them first

~appreciate and value our wonderful friends

~love our time away and spend our days planning our holidays

~love activity, sports and the outdoors

You an inspiration to me in the way you work hard in the office, at home and in the garden, the way you dedicate your life to your family, your kindness and generosity, your super smart business acumen, general knowledge and life skills.

We have climbed Kilimanjaro together, canoed the Orange River, hiked the Otter Trail, explored the French Alps and walked the narrow alleys of Venice.

I look forward to many more special times, be they still quiet moments walking on the beach or exciting travel or hiking adventures.

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