Being Boss by Jess Mouneimne

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A book review; How to avoid the knock out and survive your first 1000 days in business and beyond.

I have followed author Jess Mouneimne’s career for the last 5 years and she has gone from strength to strength. In this book she openly shares her own personal story from her tough beginnings, overcoming adversity and dealing with the trials of family life and parenting. All these experiences have made her into the tenacious business owner that she is today.

Being Boss is JAM packed full of information, insights and practical advice.

I work freelance and run my own small business which has evolved slowly over time. This book has helped me get back on track, to relook at my vision and mission and assess my brand image and business identity. The following chapters from this book were particularly helpful to me;

Roadmaps and Identity– Living and working with purpose. How to create your vision and mission statement. I do believe that having a clear aim and goal sets you apart and promotes success. How can you offer a service if you do not have utter clarity of what you are offering!

Defining your Special– What is your unique selling point and can people identify with your special brand. You have to be authentic when you represent yourself and your business.

Selling Yourself and Your Ideas– I tend to back away from sales and always state that “I am not a salesperson”, but the book shares that your voice matters and what you have to contribute is valuable. So, take time to pursue the skills required for presenting and selling yourself and your services.

If you have your own business or want to start one up, then GET this book.

Jess and her team also run networking events and have created a community for women business owners and entrepreneurs.

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