Buddhist Retreat Centre (BRC) Writing Retreat

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Originally from Durban, now living in Cape Town, I had always heard about The Buddhist Retreat. People who had visited had a dreamy expression on their faces whilst describing their time there. I had been wanting to visit there for over 15 years.

Finally, I decided that I needed to take time for myself and reconnect with what I loved so I looked at all the retreats that they have lined up and chose one on writing called Crafting Words in Silence.

Where to start about the experience…

Utterly tranquil nature filled hilltop location with still clear air and inspired spaces to explore and enjoy.

Crafting words and creative writing with the generous and talented literary Professor, Poet and story- teller Dorian Haarhoff.

Bowls of nourishing and tasty vegetarian dishes and freshly baked farm bread with endless cups of hot spicy chai tea.

Attempts at meditation in the candle lit hall wearing saffron robes with sweet incense drifting past my nose and chiming gongs.

Moments of noble silence and observing the Buddhist way by being more mindful.

Letting my mind wander while meandering through a labyrinth and appreciating the flowing patterns in the Zen garden.

Nature walks in the Natural Heritage grounds through indigenous forests and past natural spring lakes.

In their words “We all need to make an appointment with ourselves from time to time. To re- connect with whom we are; to maintain balance; to recharge exhausted batteries. To make time to go on a retreat is a necessary and healthy step for anyone.”

Buddhist Retreat Centre Website

Dorian Haarhoff Website


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