Dr John Demartini- How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated in Fitness and Health

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Wellness blogger Sharon Atkins chats to Dr John Demartini in an interview.

Q How does someone get motivated and stick to a plan when it comes to health, fitness and weight loss goals?

Dr John Demartini– You get the plan together of things that are reasonable and wise to do, not excessive but moderate.

Then you structure an itinerary and a daily task that is reasonable with something that you would actually do.

Then you link those actions to your highest values so you increase the probability of you acting on them and link them to what you value most. So, link them to;

♦ How is this going to help you with business?

♦ How this going to help in my relationships?

♦ How is this going to help in all the 7 areas of my life? (Social, mental, financial, vocational, physical, spiritual and familial).

So, if you link your goal to the 7 areas of your life and your 3 highest values, you will increase your probability of doing it.

I had a guy who was a time bomb waiting to go off, he was hypertensive and he was a worker, he loved his work. His blood pressure was a little high and his doctor said you need to exercise to get your fitness levels up or will you will be a time bomb.

The guy said, but I want to go back to work and my business.

So, I sat with him and said, ok, let’s have a look and see how doing exercise would help you.

How can doing exercise serve you?

So, I linked doing exercise to his business and his wealth production and how he can close deals by doing more exercise.

We linked enough benefits where he did it, and he made a habit of it. It was a year later that I talked to him and I said how often do you exercise, he said 3 times a week.

I said how come, what made the difference and he said when you made all those links, I went out and tested it in the first week.

I went out and met with somebody who was in business and I did a transaction with them that made me an extra million dollars’ worth of business.

It took me less than an hour of my time to close a million-dollar deal.

If I had not had that happen on the first time I did it I would not have pursued it, so I got into the habit of exercising and closing deals. He continued jogging, cycling and a bit of swimming with his friends in business and he turned it into a business-related activity and that helped him.

If you link your plan or goal to what you value most you will have a higher probability of having the discipline to do it.

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Dr John Demartini is a human behavioural specialist, educator, author and founder of the Demartini Institute.
Visit the Demartini Institute for more information.


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