Finding More ‘Me’ Time

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As Moms and Wives we spend so much time trying to keep our family and others happy that we neglect ourselves.

I am taking the month of October to remind myself of the things that I enjoy and love and reclaiming my happiness and time for ‘me’.

#1 Hikes. I love being in nature and getting exercise at the same time.

#2 Massages. My body misses this. Pummelling away all the knots and stresses.

#3 Swimming. My favourite sport. Such a great feeling being in the water.

#4 Kick Boxing. What a workout and ‘sweatout’.

#5 Pedicure. My hard working feet deserve this and it makes my toes look so pretty.

#6 Facial. It’s a fact, the older you get the more you need to take care of your skin.

#7 Haircut. Get to cover up the grey and makes me feel good with a treatment and highlights.

#8 New Clothes. In desperate need of some fresh summer fashion.

#9 Movies. Ah, the smell of popcorn. The whole experience is a therapeutic one.

#10 Friends. Girlfriends, sharing caring and catching up.

#11 Family. There is no-one like your family.

#12 Magazines. Treat to myself.

#13 Vision Board. If you don’t have a plan for your life you will end up living someone else’s.

#14 Journaling. Put it down on paper

#15 Chocolate. Dark chocolate, yum. Also great combined with mint.

#16 Coffee. This is my special treat. Cappuccino or flat white.

#17 Writing. Putting down on paper all the thoughts I think.

#18 Chiropractic Treatments. Click away all those misaligned joints and bones.

#19 Explore. Become a tourist in my own town and seek out cool spots.

#20 Photography. The world looks different through the eye of the photographer.

#21 Books Reading and escaping into a book. Fiction and non-fiction and inspiring autobiographies.

#22 Blogging. Do more and read more of what others do.

#23 Getaways. Going away for the night or weekend.

#24 Window Shop. Get inspired by what I see in stores. Clothes, decor or foodie shops.

#25 Take A Drive. Get in the car and find some hidden gems and stop over for a while.

#26 Husband. Special times together.

#27 Self Development. Continue reading, learning and growing.

#28 Self Care. Do all the things we have to but put off doing- dentist, mammogram, dermatologist and gynae routine checks.

#29 Long Hot Baths. Preferably with some yummy smelling bubbles.

#30 Sparkling Wine. The good stuff to sip on while watching the sun go down.

#31 Body Boarding. The sea, salt water, the power of the waves. What a thrill!




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