The Power of Noticing the Small Things

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“What you pay attention to really matters. It affects your mood and your state of being, and defines your reality.” Goodman-Bhyat

I was fortunate enough to recently attend a networking event with the amazing Xtraordinary Women’s Network. Debbie Goodman was the speaker for that mornings event.  Debbie is the founder and CEO of Jack Hammer, an executive search firm and an incredibly dynamic and energetic woman.

I believe inspiration comes along at the right time and the exact moment that you need it and was I inspired by her talk.

I was reminded to take notice of what is going on in my life as it is happening, to awaken to the ordinary, yet special moments in my life. To pay attention, on purpose, to those moments and to notice the small things.

Debbie spoke about her story and her book INtheFLOW. She wrote the book after being spurred into mindfulness after a really tough phase in her life which left her feeling completely overwhelmed.

Here are the six powerful ‘prompts’ from her book;

✰ ‘Yesterday’s Best Thing’. This is recalling the events of the last 24 hours and reviewing them for their best moments. These may well be small experiences that are often overlooked and unacknowledged. Without deliberate effort, what was special is so easily passed over and unnoticed. This has the potential of turning an average or bad day into one with redeeming features.

✰ ‘Grateful For’. There is overwhelming evidence for the happiness enhancing effects of gratitude and it is only through being Mindful of what one is grateful for, that this benefit can be experienced. It includes gratitude for a favour, having an excellent dentist, or a specific opportunity. Too often only the high-profile is appreciated, not the mundane. What is not appreciated can never spur a ‘thank you’.

✰ ‘Looking Forward To’. No matter how ordinary one’s day, having something to look forward to enhances feelings correlated to greater success. It is even more important when one is going through a rough patch. This too can be the unremarkable such as taking a walk around your block when you get home, a bath with candles, making a special dinner, or calling a friend.

✰ ‘Conscious Kindness’ – doing a thoughtful, kind thing for another person with no thought of reciprocity. These opportunities do not appear on their own regularly enough: they need to be consciously discovered and seized. These acts of kindness can be as small as a larger-than-necessary tip, or something that requires more thought.

✰ ‘Compliment Sincerely’. It rarely involves doing more than noticing what is compliment-worthy, and expressing this awareness sincerely. The compliment will certainly enhance the day of the person receiving it, and yours too.

✰ ‘Greet Warmly’. We often feel too busy, distracted and tired to say hello and offer a smile. Greeting requires being mindful of the presence of the other, acknowledging this with the act of greeting warmly; the benefit is the emotional connection on both sides.

I loved these prompts, especially the reminders to look back on the day and really be mindful of what happened and what you achieved and to not be too distracted. Also,  to make the effort to greet and acknowledge people (and get off our phones whilst doing all of this)!

INtheFLOW, Taking Mindfulness to Work by Debbie Goodman-Bhyat

Jack Hammer Website

Xtraordinary Women’s Network

  • Zoë


    I love this!!!! <3 actually wrote something similar just today 🙂
    I love your message, defs giving this book a read!

  • Heather


    This is really helpful Sharon. I try and do the gratitude thing at the end of the day with Nicky, trying to get him into that good habit. But I also liked the way you said to look forward to things too.

  • Samantha


    Compliment sincerely should be paired with accepting the compliment. I’ve had to dial down my compliment giving because people always put themselves down. I will practise
    Conscious Kindness’ because maybe it help people not to feel like I’m mocking them

  • Brandyn


    I love these! It is so important to keep your focus on the positive, and this list is sure to help with that!

  • Ursula Brett


    I’m new to your page and In The Flow and feel I’ve found what I’ve been asking for in recent days… peace, wellness, mindfulness in my busy life and especially to be surrounded by like-minded people. Thank you for this article and I’m sure there’s much more to explore here on your page.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Ursula and welcome. Thanks for the comment.

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