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So, I have always seen myself as a procrastinator and kept putting things off, leaving tasks until another day or maybe later! Well, one day I decided enough already.

I have disrobed myself of that label and have started to become an “action person” (sounds good hey!) and take control of my day, not let my day rule me and others control what I do. If you don’t make plans the day ends up being filled with low priority actions and distractions.

In the words of my teacher and mentor- “Remember that every morning before you start your day, decide what are the 7 highest priority action steps that you can do for the day and then hold yourself accountable to carry them out. When you set objectives that are aligned with your values, focus will be a by-product of that congruency!” Dr john Demartini

Those words have been so helpful to me. Every morning before the rest of my family get up I sit with a cup of coffee and plan my day. This foresight really makes me think about my life and plans for my life.

I keep my vision for my business and my life on hand and review what I can do in that day that will help me achieve and fulfil that vision. What are the most important things that I can do or set in place that day that will enable me to reach my ultimate aim and share my message on earth.

The magic that happens when you make a 7 Highest Priority Action List;

✯ Less distraction by things that are not of high value e.g. scrolling through Facebook

✯ You develop creative insights e.g. new ways of reaching potential clients

✯ You are more likely to find solutions instead of avoiding them

✯ Procrastination is decreased

✯ More clarity and less frustration

✯ You tackle problems with more ease

✯ You are more productive and accomplish more

✯ A sense of achievement and greater self-worth

✯ Excitement at planning the next high priority list

Your goals, plans and vision seem more doable when you break them down into chunks like these. You feel less hesitant and overwhelmed when you plan.

“High-priority actions are like flowers. If you don’t focus on planting, cultivating and nurturing them, your garden of life becomes entangled in low-priority weeds.” Dr John Demartini

What’s not to love in that list above. This is powerful stuff! How something as seemingly simple as a list can change your day and outlook on life. Give it a try, please.

What works for you when planning ahead? Do you have goals and lists you work with every day? I would love to hear.



  • Johanne


    I am/ was a real procrastinator too. At work I’m okay, but as soon as I’m home things tend to not get done. Since I’ve been blogging I’m looking for ways to change that because it’s getting in the way of my blogging time too. So I recently started a planner. So far, it’s been helpful. Now all I need to learn is to work ahead!

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