Truth is a Powerful Thing

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One of my favourite sayings is “The Truth Will Set You Free” because it really does. I am not sure about you, but I feel lighter and freer once I have shared the truth or spoken from my heart.

I am not a naturally open person and also try not to hurt people’s feelings, so this is a BIG thing for me and one of the ongoing life’s lessons I have learnt. I was shy when I was younger all the way to my early twenties and not a great communicator. I wasn’t able to manage emotions and to articulate what I wanted to say. Perhaps I didn’t think my opinion was valid or I was fearful of judgement??

I have learnt that telling the truth brings peace of mind.

It takes time and energy to hold back what we want to say and when we do release it we take our energy back and feel empowered.

I have shared this with my kids and said to them that you do not need to carry the weight of what you want to say around with you, this heaviness is too hard to bear. Just share what is on your mind or what is in your heart and you will feel better for it, you will fly free and light like a bird.

Whatever you were hanging on to in your mind and thoughts now become a thing of the past when you share them. What you carry around and worry about remains in the future or a fear of what could happen in the future. Learning to speak the truth in the present means regret won’t get a chance to be part of your future.

“The world is a much more beautiful place to live in when you speak your truth and start connecting to what makes you feel passionate”. Natalie Edwards

There are often campaigns on social media about truth telling and sharing what is real in your life, not just the often-fake façade that we portray to the world. What does your gritty, sometimes ugly life look like? Are you open to be a bit vulnerable?

So, here is a bit of truth sharing and ‘realness’ from me.

• I still don’t know want I want to do with my life. I studied fashion design, worked in clothing factories and then corporate retail as a buyer. I them shifted into marketing and online media and now work freelance as a writer, LinkedIn coach and social media manager.

• I sometimes yearn for freedom away from family. Time on my own, to do my own thing, write my book without the burdens and worries and day to day routines.

• I have spent the last 15 years managing my weight and what I eat and trying to understand where cravings come from and why I can’t resist a packet of chocolate digestives.

 I spend my money on books and courses on health and wellness, personal development, (sometimes money I do not even have).

 As I said I am a shy person (the people that know me say ‘what’!!) and I would rather sit in the car and wait for the kids at school than have to wait and stand at the entrance and chat to other moms or dads.

Just a few current ‘truths’ going on in my life right now. This is my ongoing note to myself- Create deeper connections, express yourself, connect with your heart.

 “Tell the truth, it’s the only thing worth listening to.”

Thanks for reading. What do you think? Is it important to be real and to tell the truth?  

  • Celeste Jonkers


    Great post! You are one of the people I admire a lot and your truth list resonates with me. Except for the shy bit. And I woukd never have pegged you for being shy.

    I think it’s vital to be real and truthful. Having been outspoken my whole life I find that people find me relatable and trustworthy. It’s definitely a big plus in my life as people always know what and who they’re dealing with.

  • Mariska Goussard


    I really loved your post 🙂

  • Prateek Uniyal


    Wow! Such an inspiring content. Keep inspiring

  • Karen at MomAgain@40


    I love that you are teaching it to your kids as well!

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