Wardrobe Worries

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By Sharon Atkins

That feeling when you open your cupboard doors and peer inside at this array of clothes, and you have NOTHING to wear. Uurgh! Not because the stuff inside is not modern or cool, it’s because it does not fit. It is too small. I have put on weight.

I resist buying any new clothes because I keep on saying that I will wait until I can get back into my old clothes. That was about two years ago! My clothes currently consist of two pairs of plus size jeans that fit but not great styles and a couple of skirts with elastic waists (a bigger person’s joy).

Why do I do this to myself? Why don’t I just neatly fold away the thinner clothes and put them at the top of the cupboard?

Because I have plans to wear them again. Even though some of the styles might be outdated and they may have crease-lines from being on the hangers. I am determined they will fit me again. I am a Capricorn and supposedly stubborn like a goat so I dig in my heels and develop a plan for my journey back to ‘slimdom’ and health.

So watch this space and see what happens. I hope to surprise myself and my family.


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