What’s Up in June 2022?

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June 2022. Halfway through the year already!

What just happened?

That was quick.

This is a check in and reminder (as it has been a while) of the year so far and how it’s going.


Durban to visit family

Franschhoek for a long weekend – always love it there

Drakensberg for a quick stopover at Champagne Castle

Camping over Easter at Kromrivier Farm near Greyton

Upcoming overseas trip to the UK and Spain


Sydney is in 4th year Animal Science at Tucs (Pretoria University) and working like crazy in between bar tendering and socializing.

Matthew is nearly at the end of 2nd Term in Grade 9 currently writing midyear exams.


Continue to work across various coaching platforms.

Freshen up LinkedIn profile and my CV.

Back to writing. Yipee.

As much requested back to also writing LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn training


Park runs continue

A few trail runs on local wine farms

2 open water swimming events

Cold water swims in the sea

A few 10km road run/ walks


Celebrated some milestone birthdays with friends and many catch ups over coffee or cocktails.

With all the restrictions easing from COVID life is going back to normal with sundowners, dinners and coffee dates.

A big shift for me was taking all the social media (excl LinkedIn) off my phone during the week. They were just too distracting for me and a real time and energy waster.

Our eyes are now on the 2nd half of the year with an overseas trip to the UK AND Alicante in SPAIN.

Otherwise enjoying a super lovely, warmish wind-free Autumn at home here in Sunset Beach. Loving my cats, walks, my nature photos, coffee with friends, watching The latest The Block with Michael, and considering work and play plans for the 2nd half of the year.

To many hikes, travel, adventures, exploring, family and friends time, work successes, and of course lots of downtime.


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