20 Things to Start Doing

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It’s never too late to make plans or changes. This is a reminder from myself to myself to be more mindful and conscious every day.

  1. Stretch every day- become more flexible
  2. Drink green tea. It is good for me and full of anti-oxidants
  3. No refined foods/ flours and sugar.
  4. Listen to good music. It lifts up my spirits
  5. Keep my desk tidy.
  6. Write in my gratitude journal every day.
  7. Have a vision/ plan for my future.
  8. Read more business books.
  9. Get finances in order.
  10. Walk every day.
  11. Plan the holidays for the year.
  12. Clear the clutter in my drawers and cupboards.
  13. Plant and grow my own herb and veggie garden.
  14. Plan and cook more meals.
  15. Drinks lots of water.
  16. Do not procrastinate
  17. Get some new clothes that fit well.
  18. Go outside with the family more.
  19. Less time on social media.
  20. Reply back to people quicker.

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