The Benefits of the Water Crisis in Cape Town

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What?? Benefits! How can there be benefits in a crisis you might ask?

Well, there are amazing benefits and blessings in every crisis. During these times we are forced to be introspective, practical and resourceful and great strength comes from this.

Living in Cape Town in this period of water crisis, I am the first one to understand the facts, take practical steps, do the right thing, help others and do our part as a family and community member.

But I also see other sides, and my wish is just to remind you of these as well. Let’s find the blessings;

► New Water Projects- aquifers have been made available, desalination plants are being built and treated effluent operations are being explored.

► Community– what great spirit we have, sharing ideas, thoughts and plans, helping each other. Let’s keep that up. South Africans are resilient and kind.

► Creativity– this comes in a variety of ways from that clever video of the 2 litre bottle with a straw in it to that spray nozzle container being used for showering.  People are using whatever storage they have for water saving and when the rains do come we have it covered from buckets to pipes and tubes attached to all the gutters. Solar camping bags, dry shampoos, compost toilets are just a few of the practical creative ideas being shared as water saving options.

► Generosity– fellow citizens from all over South Africa and formal initiatives are collecting water and sending it to Cape Town for the schools, the elderly and the animal care facilities. Thank you. And to all those sharing their well point water, plastic containers and other resources, many thanks as well.

► Inventions– from purifying and water collection systems to grey water adaptions, water saving shower heads, water calculators and hand sanitizers, we are innovating and creating new ways and methods to save and store water and use less of the water that we do have.

► Humour– Come on, there are some great comedy gems out there from the guy showering with a bucket on his head to the Twitter jokes and memes. Also, the cartoon of Ramaphosa rolling up a huge snowball at Davos and saying, I’m taking it to Cape Town. Let’s keep the sense of humour going please!

“A sense of humour is an escape valve for the pressures of live.”

► Education– we all now know where our water comes from, the processes to purify it and the vital importance of good systems in place. We can tell you exactly how much water is used in every flush and every short shower. These are facts that we did not know before and that is very cool! Kids are learning what an incredibly valuable resource water is and hopefully will carry this awareness with them for the rest of their lives.

► Awareness– this water crisis is a great leveller and we are all now in the same situation. People are taking massive action for change and doing all that they can. Just like the load shedding in the electricity crisis and the fact that we really appreciate the supply of electricity, we will never ever take the supply and use of clean available water for granted.

“Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that a crisis is a blessing.” Dr John Demartini

◊ Hang in there beautiful people and it will be ok, remember that. We all have the clarity, strength and knowledge to handle this and more…

◊ Feel anxious and perhaps a bit fearful but do not allow these emotions to own you or rule your life. You are not alone in this. The rains will come, and this is just a phase in our ever-changing world climate.

◊ According to Dr Kevin Winter‚ from the University of Cape Town Future Water Institute‚ “It might take three years to fully recharge the dams‚ but it would take only one major thunderstorm over the next 90 days to push Day Zero a little further out.”

◊ Until that happens, let’s all save every single drop we possibly can and plan as calmly as we possibly can.

“No tree stood strong without the wind. No person can be strong without a challenge. So be thankful for yours.”

What is your experience? Do you have any water saving ideas for us? Are you experiencing fear and anxiety in this time?

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  • Diana Studer


    I am sticking to – if we all make the effort to use less water – we can avoid Day Zero. And we will never return to ‘wasting water as normal’.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Diana, thanks so much for the comment. Much appreciated. Yes, that is so true. The day may never come and the good news is we will forever be in water saving mode.

  • Lauren Kinghorn


    Absolutely adore this post, Sharon. Thank you for giving me another perspective. I have been stressing. We are about to install a WellPoint and have been wracking our brains to work out how we can best use our WellPoint water. Yet, you are so right – have also noticed how people are rallying to support each other and the cause. A crisis can bring out the best in people.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Lauren, thanks for the kind words. Always good to have the well point anyway even in times of rain.
      The well point ca be used for cleaning the house, floors etc and also for the toilet.
      People are amazing and so many cool ideas emerging from this ‘crisis’.

  • Selwyn Mannsbach


    I agree totally with your story and comments above but, have you seen any dirty taxis out there? Time to pull the head out of the sand. You are preaching to the already converted. The people in the townships around us don’t care as they do not pay for water

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Selwyn, thanks for the comment. Yes, agree. We must still do what we can and try and make a difference in our sphere of influence.

  • Mechelle Strydom


    Love your article. Your positive attitude is contagious and it does put a new perspective on this situation.

    I have turned empty 5 litre wine boxes into water dispensers which works very well for us to wash hands etc. We catch the cold water from the geyser for this purpose.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Mechelle, thanks SO much. Really appreciate the comment. The ingenuity that people are sharing is incredible and I do like your idea.

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