Have You Heard About CarTrip? The New Ride Sharing App

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CarTrip is a way of carpooling – instantly – using a website or mobile app. Use it to save the planet, make new friends, earn some money and save on petrol.

The roads in South Africa are getting more congested and public transport over peak times gets very busy. Did you know that Cape Town is the most congested city in South Africa!

Why do we all drive in our cars on our own? Why don’t we all ride share to work and back and get lifts with each other?

Using an app like CarTrip can save you money by splitting the costs of petrol and help you in avoiding busy public transport and take more cars off the roads at peak times.

According to a CarTrip survey, of the more than 1000 motorists approached by CarTrip, it was found that over 70% were alone in their cars between 6am and 9am. If these 1000 motorists had rideshared with three others, the number of cars on the road would have been reduced by 75%.

About CarTrip

CarTrip is an internet-based ridesharing platform, whereby car drivers and potential passengers can connect using a website or mobile application. The driver is travelling from one destination to another destination, independent of any passengers, and can pick up and drop them off along the way, with minor deviations, for the convenience of the pickup and drop-off.

Nationally, the figures are much the same; there are over 10 million cars and bakkies on the road and 70% of these vehicles have three empty seats which leaves 20 million empty car seats in South Africa. CarTrip Founder, Chris Faure says, “If we could fill a portion of these empty seats with passengers it would dramatically reduce congestion on the roads. Given the size of our population and the number of cars and empty seats on the roads, sharing your car with two or three other passengers could reduce traffic by more than 50%.”

For Drivers– post your upcoming rides, earn extra money and even make a friend along the way. The process;

☛ Post ride

☛ Set preferences

☛ Approve passengers

☛ Get paid safely

For Passengers– find your route, choose your driver, book your ride and then travel in comfort to your destination. The process;

☛ Choose your route

☛ Save money

☛ Travel safely

☛ No-hassle payments

Use it to get to work and back, to the airport, to an event or on long distance trips to other provinces or cities.

Don’t miss out, be part of the movement and join CarTrip for more ridesharing offers.

Download CarTrip today and start sharing rides… CarTrip

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored and was written in collaboration with CarTrip.co.za and it’s PR company.




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