A Life of Purpose

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telos (from the Greek τέλος for “end”, “purpose”, or “goal”) is an end or purpose, an end in mind.

I have been asking myself this questions for many years now; what is my purpose, my telos, why am I and what should I be doing that can fulfil that bigger picture for my life?

I have no doubt that every single one of you have had a spark of awareness, an enlightened moment or a still small voice whispering to you to question what your purpose is here on this earth and beyond.

That thought that does not go away arises at odd times in your life, that urge, that calling to do something greater, something inspiring.

Why don’t we act on it, what are we fearful of? How and where do we start uncovering this?

These are questions I ask myself. Think back on your life to what idea or thought has not left you? I have a few, one is write a series on non-fiction inspiring books and the other is to teach and inspire through talks, coaching and writing.

Ask and answer these questions (it helps to write them down);

→ What brings tears to your eyes?

→ What activities make you lose track of time?

→ If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

→ At the end of your life what would you regret not doing or having in your life?

→ What inspires you most?

→ What do people ask you for help in?

→ What is most important to you?

→ What makes you smile?

→ What are you naturally good at?

Then you can start formulating an idea or plan or personal mission. Ask these questions;

• What do I want to do

• Who do I want to help?

• What is the result?

• What value will I create?

It might not be a huge global thing like finding a cure for a disease or creating the next big tech idea. It might be being the best mother that you can be and raising independent loving children or running a business that successfully serves an ever-growing number of clients.

I have had a varied career path from fashion design to retail buying to event management and I don’t regret any of these opportunities. I see that all these experiences have given me skills and strengths to handle whatever comes my way.

As Dr John Demartini says- “Don’t think of what you are doing or having done as in the way but on the way. Discover the underlying benefits and blessings and you will be able to see your experience as on the way not in the way, instructive not obstructive.”

Would you love to discover your purpose? Have you thought about what you are here to do or is it not really that important to you?


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