Pay It Forward – One Donation at a Time With PEP Stores Lay-By-Buddy

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Don’t we all want to make a difference – pay it forward, but, don’t know where to start and have limited budget and/ or resources?

When I found out about this amazing local initiative and the good news stories and feedback I had tears in my eyes and hope in my heart.

The PEP Stores Lay-By Buddy.

The idea is to help a fellow South African and make life a little easier for them. To take away some of the burdens that so many familes are experiencing. Many parents cannot afford school uniforms, school supplies and clothes for their kids. With the hard times and stressful financial climate we live in, everyone is feeling the crunch. As parents, we know that starting a new year comes with additional expenses like paying for school stationery, supplies, and school uniforms.

How cool to know that with our contribitions, we can make a difference in peoples lives.

How To Make a Difference With The PEP Stores Lay-By-Buddy Initiative

One of the best things about this initiative is anonymity. You can contribute anonymously towards any customer’s lay-by purchases by donating as little as R2 in-store or R20 on the PEP website. 

The donation options start from R20 to R250, but you can also choose a custom amount you would like to contribute. All contributions are paid into the PEP lay-by fund, which will go towards randomly selected beneficiaries. The person will receive a notification SMS with a voucher to redeem against the outstanding amount on their PEP lay-by purchase.

This worthy initiative makes it possible for anyone to contribute, no matter how big or small. R20 is not much, but often it’s all that’s needed to complete a purchase. A small donation of R20 or R100 may not seem like it can make an impact, but it could mean the world to someone less fortunate who simply doesn’t have it. 

How Does Payment Work?

The payment process is simple – once you’ve entered your details (contact information, contribution amount, and card details), click on “continue to payment”. The website will redirect you to the secure payments page, where you can follow the payment instructions.

You can also go into you nearest Pep store to do a payment.

Why Is It Worth Joining This Initiative?

  • The process is anonymous
  • Easy and simple process
  • Choose different donation amounts from as little as R20
  • Pay it forward and make a positive impact in a child’s life
  • Be part of a worthy community initiative

It might not seem like you’re making a difference, but by donating and sharing this initiative with friends, colleagues, family, and your local schools and through social media, it can have a big ripple effect. Imagine 1000 people donating only R20. That amounts to R20 000.00! Just think how many children can go to school with a new school uniform, backpack, or stationary that would not have been possible otherwise. 

This can also benefit parents and their babies. With a new addition to the family, the list of baby essentials is endless. Your donation can help pay for nappies, baby wipes, clothing, or toiletries. With a simple act of kindness, we can help one another and make a difference. Encourage others to participate. Paying it forward encourages individuals to respond to acts of generosity and kindness by doing something kind in return, creating a positive chain reaction.

Make that small (or big) contribution towards the PEP Stores Lay-By-Buddy initiative, and warm the heart of a fellow parent and a child. 

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