Ways To Get Your Happy Back

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We all have bad days, where we are not on top form and need some outside motivation.

I try and stay motivated and drive myself but sometimes it is hard. The other day I was feeling a bit down, not wanting to do very much and not particularly excited about life. I was sitting on my own on the couch nursing a cup of tea when my cats came in the room. First, they found a sunny spot on the carpet and started to stretch leisurely and preen themselves. Next thing the little one started playing the others tail which led to a mock fight and much playful banter.

I was watching this and found myself smiling. I finished my tea, got up off the couch and got back to my work day with enthusiasm. That small act had eased my tension, removed the blocks and set me on a new track.

So, the top of my list to getting my happy back is;

➢ Watching my cats play

Followed by other “go to” ways to lift my spirts, adjust my thinking and uplift and inspire me;

➢ Go swimming

➢ Walk on the beach

➢ Eat watermelon in the sun

➢ Play with the kids

➢ Plant something

➢ Be creative

➢ Say the truth

➢ Read an uplifting book

➢ Laugh loudly

➢ Drink water

➢ Look through old photos

➢ Clear out my cupboards

➢ Give something away

➢ Turn off bad news

➢ Lie under a tree in the shade

➢ Walk on soft grass

➢ Make and enjoy a cup of tea

➢ Jump on the trampoline

➢ Chat to a friend on the phone

➢ Be in nature

➢ Be kind to someone

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” Henry Ward Beecher

What makes you happy you and gets your mojo back. Share a little, we would LOVE to hear. Thanks.

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