Taking Quiet, Still Moments

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quiet time’

 A time of silent reflection, thought, or prayer.

Life is busy. We seem to praise busyness, the grind, the hustle. Our lives are defined by the activities that are in them.

Oh, but what joy when we do stop for a moment, be still and have a quiet moment, an intentional pause.

What works for me?

For me, it is taking a pause from work and stepping outside and smelling the lavender flowers. It is sitting on the step breathing in the fresh air. It is leaning against a tree trunk and looking up at the leaves.

  • That pause that creates a space for us to connect to the present.
  • That ability to be still and listen.
  • That quiet reverence in our place on this planet.
  • That respect for ourselves and our lives.
  • That help in defining other aspects of our lives.

Quiet brings me back to who I most want to be.

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”

― Rumi

Daily habits

All day we can run into interruptions, distractions and other “important things” that demand our attention. That’s not likely to change but I can put these into perspective when I take time throughout my day to stop, pause and breathe.

Can you make this a regular appointment with yourself?

  • Stop to appreciate the people around you.
  • Start your day with a few minutes of silent and reflection.
  • Pause at the end of the day and review the moments from that day.

Don’t be afraid of being still and quiet. Make time for this silent reflection.

Is there a right time?

Everyone has different schedules so there is no right or wrong time.

I wake up 30 minutes before the family does to settle in and ground myself with my daily devotional and practice.

Silence is something we all need.  It can help establish a beautiful rhythm in our lives.


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