Wholesome Nutrition for You- A Book Review

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“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” – François de La Rochefoucauld

Good health and a balanced point of view is the ultimate goal of this book and the authors and to educate South Africans and others on nutrition, farming practises, exercise, mindful eating and supplements.

It’s been called the ‘Food Guide of Intelligent Eating’ and written by Ian Craig (Exercise Physiologist and Nutritional Therapist) and Rachel Jesson (Sports Science, Psychology and Teacher). There is a wealth of information, facts and science in Wholesome Nutrition for You.

I have been interested in health, wellness and nutrition and been self-studying for the last 20 years. My shelves are lined with books on nutrition, diet plans and weight loss guides.

Personally, I had been at a very regular weight my whole life but in my mid-thirties I began to pile on some pounds and been keeping them on and off for the last 18 years, so I am also looking for answers to the eternal questions about weight gain and weight management.

What reading and working through this book has done for has made me realise is the importance of all the aspects of wellness, understanding the different diets, what to look for in food and how what we eat is such an INDIVIDUAL thing.

Some of my learnings from this book;

» Balancing blood sugar levels- insulin is required to transport sugars from our bloodstream to our cells for energy. The problem comes when our blood sugar levels rise too quickly. If this happens on a regular basis, cells can become resistant to insulin.

» The facts about fat- fats are good for us but be mindful of the quality and balance. Eat nuts and seeds daily and avoid trans fats.

» Glycaemic index- the GI of a food represents the time it takes for sugar to appear in the bloodstream after that food has been eaten. Low glycaemic index foods (below 55) is preferable.

» Exercise- so very important with benefits like reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety and the likelihood of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

» Supplements- for your vitamins, focus on food first.

» Mindful eating- most of us eat too quickly and without thought, and often in front of the TV or have lunch at the computer.

The recipes;

Great info on fermented foods, recipes and the benefits

Baby marrow hummus

Chocolate mousse


Chicken soup and more…

Follow me as I work through the ’12 Weeks to Wholesome Nutrition’ programme and educational journey. Posts to follow.

The Nutritional Institute Website

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Ian Craig

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. Information is taken from the book and also my own views and opinions.

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