ZipZap Circus Fun

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Sharon Atkins

Zip Zap Circus fun

Every kid loves the circus and a lot of adults as well. The ZipZap circus show does not disappoint. The music, the energy, the acts and the fun all make for a great show. And the good news is that there are no animals involved.

The kids performing are professional and enthusiastic. If their skills don’t impress you then their charming smiles and confidence should win you over.

From amazing acrobatics to juggling and lots of fun antics in-between.

I kept on looking down at my 6 year old watching and his mouth was open the whole time watching in awe. When he came home he was super motivated and showing us how he could do the splits and tumble turns (not too successfully, but he tried!)

Their slogan is ‘Ordinary Kids Doing Extraordinary Things’ which just warms my heart as kids and their growth and development are my passion. They have amazing programmes for kids of all ages and from all walks of life. They teach them all the fun stuff like the circus arts but at the same time discipline, values and life skills.

This was their last show for the season and they are doing corporate shows now. Be sure to look out for them next year and be the first in the queue to get your tickets.

They are a non-profit organisation and need all the support they can get from us, our friends, colleagues and families.

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