10 Things to Let Go Of This Year

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It is never too late to stop and take a look at your life. Look at the areas from physical to spiritual, social and financial. Assess where you are happy and fulfilled and work out where the gaps are and what you are missing. What is holding you back from fulfilling your dreams and aspirations? Here are 10 negative behaviours that you can let go of in order to move forward and live your best life.

Let go of complaining. Give up that constant need to complain about the people, events and situations that make you depressed and unhappy. It is your decision on how to react to what happens to you. You have control over your emotions and reactions.

Let go of procrastination. Stop thinking you can put everything off to tomorrow or next month. The best time and the only time you have is now. Plan your time and manage your activities. You will feel a great sense of achievement once you have accomplished your tasks.

Let go of waiting for the right time. There is no right time or perfect plan. You have to flexible and adaptable and realise that your plans may need to be shifted and changed in order for you to get that job done or make that move.

Let go of living in the past. The past is gone; do not long for it to come back. Be present in everything that you do. Have a plan for the future but be present in the now. Be mindful and aware of what is happening right now.

Let go of comparing yourself to others. We are all different and there is no one else as unique as you are. Acknowledge this and accept it. Don’t wish you were like anyone else, respect other people’s journeys and recognize your own.

Let go of unhealthy relationships. Save your energy for the important things. Assess your relationships. Who drains your energy, who do you have a toxic relationship with? Remove these people from your life or work through the issues with that person.

Let go of anger and resentment. Do not let your anger control you. If you are experiencing unresolved anger, you won’t be able to live out the values that are most important to you. Make the conscious effort to be aware of when these emotions come up and deal with them, let them go and move on.

Let go of the need to control. You do not need have to be obsessed with controlling every area of your life. Plan your life, observe what happened. Learn to leave things up to trust and know that things will work out.

Let go of the need to impress others. Stop trying so hard, it can be exhausting. Life does not work like that. Just be yourself, take off the masks, relax and be authentic. People will see that and appreciate your honesty.

Let go of insecurities. Work out what you are self-conscious about, where are your insecurities. Find help, read books and seek to change these. Create a better version of yourself. You will then go out into the world and radiate self-esteem and attract people to you.

The one thing you should never let go of is hope. There is always something to be thankful for and as hard as it seems, things do get better.


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