14 Life Lessons for my Son

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For my son as he faces the world. You have brought and still bring great joy and endless love into our lives. You have taught me patience, tolerance and made me a stronger person.

I want to pass these thoughts on to you to read as you get older. These are life lessons that I have learnt and am still learning. I love you my boy.

* You are incredible just as you are. Stand tall, walk confidently and be proud of who you are.

* Dream big little man! Always have plans and a vision for your future. Do not be afraid to think big.

* Be adaptable! Life changes and most things do not remain constant. Be flexible in this and adapt to these changes.

* Cherish your family! They are very special and always will be. You are a part of each other.

* Wrong is wrong, right is right! Even though others may do the wrong thing you don’t have to. Stand up for what you believe in.

* You can do it! You are capable of anything you set your mind to!

* Awareness! Be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. Be observant and take note of things.

* Nature rules! Don’t forget to get back to nature. Take a walk in the mountains, swim in the sea. It will revive you and ground you.

* Get moving! Stay active. It is great for your mind and for your body.

* Passion! Never worry about showing excitement and passion. If you love something share it and show it to the world.

* Money, money! Take care of your finances. Respect money and value it but don’t let the pursuit of it take over your life.

* Do your best! Whatever you do, whether it is playing, cooking, sports or work, all that anyone can ask of you is to do your very best.

* Explore! Retain a sense of adventure and travel and experience other places and the people that live there.

* Grow, grow! Keep your mind active and never stop learning. Gather information and learn about different cultures, religions, economies and philosophies.

You will choose your own path in life so trust yourself and your judgement and don’t forget to keep the balance in your life.


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