Cheek Swab to Improve Health and Weight Loss

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Find out more about your diet, your lifestyle and your genes with DNA and Nutrigenomic testing.

Seriously, don’t we all want to learn more about our bodies and how to make them function more efficiently? I know I do!

Why do some people respond differently than others to the same foods?

Everyone has a DNA story. Using DNA testing you can find out which gene variations you have.

Recommendations and guidance are given to manipulate your environment (diet and lifestyle) to help improve health, wellness and possibly reduce future risk of illness.

Let me fill you in on my story so far.

I visited The Centre for Translational Genomics offices in Cape Town where I had an initial consultation with the very experienced Dietitian Annelie Smith. The CTG gives you a great opportunity to have your genetic blueprint translated into diet, lifestyle and health recommendations. They explore how your unique genetic profile can help you achieve optimal health and manage body weight. And they explain it all in simple terms (which is good for me!)

Read my first post for more information and more about the process DNA Testing at the CTG Centre.

Well, one week later finds me back at their offices for my feedback consultation.

I must admit I was slightly nervous. What are they going to tell me about my health? Are my genes making it harder for me to lose weight? How bad can it be?

But I knew I was in safe hands as the results were explained to me in-depth by Annelie.

She helped me understand the DNA structure and she had analysed the data of my genetic profile which included summaries, high priority interventions, wellness goals, recommendations and supplementation.

Well, this stuff is AMAZING and empowering and interesting.

I had the DNA Diet Screen done. This is amongst the most comprehensive and accurate weight related genetic tests available. It is for optimal weight for life and the science of managing weight and obesity.

The test provides insight into:

  • ● Individual diet and exercise responsiveness
  • ● Optimal nutrient distribution for effective weight loss
  • ● Weight loss “resistance”/ or weight gain after weight loss
  • ● Optimal exercise intensity for weight loss


I also had the DNA Health Screen done. This tests for genetic variations that are known to have a significant effect on health and susceptibility of chronic diseases; the science of optimising energy, wellbeing and longevity.

Tests for gene variations in the following biological processes:

  • ● Cholesterol regulation
  • ● Bone health DNA- health (methylation)
  • ● Inflammation Detoxification (How the body manages toxin build up and reducing it)
  • ● Antioxidant status (oxidation causes cell damage, ageing and chronic disease)
  • ● Insulin Sensitivity
  • ● Food sensitivities

The other options are the Sport Screen and the Oestrogen Screen.

What I came out with after the consultation;

☛ An understanding of my DNA make-up

☛ A personalized diet and wellness plan

☛ Which foods and nutrients I need for optimum health

☛ Exercise recommendations

What I hope to achieve is to improve my eating habits, manage cravings, lose weight in the most efficient way and exercise optimally.

Reasons for you to go to CTG for DNA testing;

Weight management, food responsiveness, nutrient absorption and metabolism, eating behaviours, fat and carb metabolism, disease prevention, health management, sports and endurance performance, exercise responsiveness and medicine metabolism and drug response.

“Knowing how your genes are expressed can help you make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle.”

☛ Next post up will be “My Personalised DNA Profiling and Gene Based Nutrition.”

Disclaimer: I was privileged to be invited in my capacity as a wellness blogger and writer to do the genetic DNA testing and consultation by CTG. All personal feedback, opinions and research are my own.

The Centre for Translational Genomics Website.


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