DNA Testing at the CTG Centre

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I am excited to be going for the results this week of my DNA testing and my genome-based personalised journey, which includes practitioner time with nutrigenomic practitioner and health coach, with the aim of achieving optimal health.

The tests are done through the CTG Centre in Cape Town who offers personalised health and nutrition, using genetic testing.

They took a swab from my check, painless and super quick and then they test it, interpret the results, create a plan based on my individual blueprint and provide health coach support.

 The Steps and Process

1. The nutrogenomic practitioner and health coach want to take the time to know me better. They want to know my individual story by reviewing my past and present health. They will explain what I can expect from the genetic test, and together we will identify my nutrition and health goals and the appropriate genetic test required.

2. My genetic test results will take approximately two weeks to return from the laboratory. The nutrigenomic practitioner will discuss the results in detail, developing a personalised diet, lifestyle and medical recommendation with me.

3. The health coach and biokineticist will see me through the programme and check in on progress. These appointments can be virtual or in person, I choose how they can fit into my lifestyle.

4. At the end of the 6 weeks journey, they wrap everything up and suggest a maintenance programme so I can remain on this path to optimal health.

 Stay posted where I will share more about the tests and of course… my results!

Find out more about your diet, your lifestyle and your genes at ‘The missing piece in YOUR puzzle’.

Centre for Translational Genomics Website (CTG)


  • Samantha


    DNA testing sounds fascinating. will keep an eye out for your results

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