Feeling Fat and Flabby. Can you Relate?

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Digging in the cupboard for snacks, anything… chips, biscuits, chocolate. Preferably something sweet or salty and tasty. Always something that is ”junk food”, food that is not good for you, unhealthy!

Pants feeling tight as I take a walk around the block. When did that happen?

That bloated feeling when your tummy is extended and rolls of fat flow over the waistband of your pants. The slight puffy cheek jowls, dark smudges under the eyes and dimpled upper arms.

I don’t like being like this or feeling like this but still reach out for the biscuits. Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

I dedicate time to studying and writing about wellness, health and nutrition and what feeds and fuels the body in a good way. I know what foods harm and what foods heal the body.

So why do I and I am sure many others seek out and eat unhealthy and inappropriate food?

What I know for sure is that it is not just about having strong self- will and self- discipline. This food provides a comfort, fills a gap and satisfies something that we perceive to be missing in our lives. Our emotions are not in balance and we not in alignment with life so we use food to cover up fears and insecurities.

What if, before you reach for that chocolate bar or order that burger, that you stop for a moment and ask yourself what is it that you are actually feeling? Dig a little bit and see what emotion comes up for you, what feelings, what past hurt. Be present in that very moment and see what comes up for you.

As I did this it was a feeling of not being good enough and not worthy of love. I then had a realisation that this came from when I was in high school thinking that I was unattractive and not good enough. I ate the biscuit anyway but I believe that if I do this often enough and at the same time say a mantra to myself this feeling of insecurity will dissolve.

My mantra- “‘ I am worthy and I am enough, thank-you.”

But then again, it might also just be that you really really want that juicy cheese burger. Then just enjoy it and don’t carry any guilt about eating it. Enjoy every bite!

Use this as an opportunity to grow and understand yourself a bit more. Don’t be fearful. Embrace the feeling or emotion, be grateful for it. It means you are alive and aware and love yourself for that.

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If you want to chat further about this please e-mail me or comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

All the information on this blog is published in good faith and is not intended to substitute for professional advise. It is a compilation of my own experiences and research. Any action you take upon the information you find on Super Shazzer, is strictly at your own risk.

  • peter lawton (@petermushroom99)


    Your points are valid, but you have left out the bio-chemical nature of our bodies, particularly how those chemicals/hormones/enzymes play with our moods/emotions, and how the chemicals, known as food, can play havoc with our bio-chemical pathways.

    I’m sure you must know the role of the disruptive, addictive influence of sugars and carbs that go into the snakie/cumie “foods”. And about insulin.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Peter, thanks for comment. Of course, I am just looking at one aspect of weight management. There are so many and this is just a starting point for someone who might have tried everything. Sometimes it can be more than just about the food we eat. For me there is more to life than surface and some things go deeper than just our physiology.

  • Karin


    As I move closer to THAT time of the month, this feeling intensifies. I inhale bars of chocolate and bottles of Merlot like a possessed woman. I’ll then proceed to cry on the couch over some or other perceived slight from weeks ago until I feel better.
    Hormones are a bitch and I ride the tide until it’s all over and I’m back to normal.
    No sense in beating myself up over something normal.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Karin, yes, I can relate… let alone the mood swings and anger that can come up. This is no medical or nutritional advise but I take a magnesium supplement every day that def helps with the hormones around that time.

  • Mary


    I definitely use food as a tool to comfort myself. It’s probably the worst habit I currently have. What it is about those foods….I’m not exactly even for myself.

  • Melissa Javan


    Fat and flabby, totally me. I need to eat up on some cucumbers for snacks 😉

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