Getting Great Support While Banting

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So, you have started your personal journey of losing weight and getting your health and wellness back. You have decided it is time to care for yourself and your body and take back control.

You’ve read great things about the Banting lifestyle and the Low Carb High Fat diet and have decided that this is the way that you want to go.

Congratulations! The good news is that it really works and there is so much amazing information and support around.

I have been Banting for 2 years now and feel amazing and in great health. For me it is not just a weight loss journey but one of discovering more about food, what is good for me, what is not and also to question the traditional information out there. Read what I love about Banting.

Best of all it is pretty easy so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed.

Here are some great resources that have helped me enormously;

The Real Meal Revolution– this is where the Banting movement started. The website behind the book.

Diet Doctor– the Swedish influencer on a mission to revolutionise health and help people.

The Sugar Free Revolution– Karen Thomson is a health enthusiast, author and passionate change maker.

Lose It– great magazine and the website has Banting news, interviews and recipes.

The Banting Chef– yummy food ideas- there is SO much you can do when using low carb, sugar free ingredients.

Ditch the Carbs– A New Zealand site with a great philosophy and lots of awesome ideas and recipes.

Edify– one of the original sites preaching and teaching all things LCHF.

There are also so many Banting Groups on Facebook like Banting 7 day Meal Plans (the biggest group in the country) and one of my favourites and Banting (Tim Noakes).

My suggestion is that you check out the websites, sign up to the newsletters and visit their Facebook pages to stay updated and get regular news and information.

These are the platforms that I have created where I put all the cool information and recipes that I have found to be helpful;

Banting and Wellness Facebook Page

Banting on Pinterest

Supershazzer Twitter

Share with us what resources have helped you on your path to wellness?


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