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“Let food be your medicine.”

I am super excited and honoured to be included on the FoodMed website as a Coach/ Activist. For 5 years now I have been a low carb enthusiast and advocate and have written about it, researched and studied this lifestyle. I continually seek out news and views and one of those resources is Foodmed.net and the amazing Marike Sboros who amongst others bravely researches and shares very necessary news on nutrition, health care, diet and lifestyles and nutritional therapies.

See my link here on the FoodMed website — Sharon Atkins.

On the Low Carb map of the world you will find Doctors, Dentists, Researchers, Coaches, Therapists, Nurses and more…

Who’s behind Foodmed.net

Foodmed.net publisher and editor Marika Sboros is one of South Africa’s top writers on medicine for health in body and mind.

She is a Journalist, author, writer, editor and co-author with Prof Tim Noakes: Lore of Nutrition, Challenging Conventional Dietary Beliefs (Penguin 2017), updated Real Food On Trial, How The Diet Dictators Tried To Destroy A Distinguished Scientist (Columbus 2019).

What is Foodmed.net all about?

At foodmed.net they invite you on a remarkable journey into the magic, mystery and solid evidence of good nutrition science.  With doctors and scientists across the globe as your guides, we’ll travel back with them to the roots of modern medicine.

We’ll learn the wisdom behind the words of the ancient Greek sage, Hippocrates:  ‘Let food be your medicine’. And the wisdom of the ancient Chinese proverb: ‘He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skill of the physician.’

At heart, they are about raising awareness of the politics and science of evidence-based medicine. The aim is to address and hopefully contribute to stemming global epidemics of chronic diseases.


At foodmed.net they embrace all branches of modern medicine’s allopathic tree. Their focus is also on integrative, functional and complementary medicine.

They take a broad view of food as medicine. They also see ancient disciplines such as yoga and Tai Chi as food for body and mind. 

Their vision is for health care, not sick care, and methods of healing that first ‘do no harm’. In essence, they are about preventative medicine as prevention is always so much better than cure. They invite opposing views and robust debate on this rough and rollicking ride.

Marika is also very active on Twitter and shares some great content.

The FOODMED.NET website link.

Marika can be contacted by email: marika (at) foodmed.net

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