Loving Kindness

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I was at an amazing retreat recently and on the last day we did a Loving Kindness Meditation.

I was brought to tears when I realised that I couldn’t remember the last time that I had felt loving kindness for myself, had taken the time to stop, look deep within and appreciate all that I truly am. To tell myself that I am ok, and that things will be ok.

I am loving and kind to other people, all the time. I send loving kindness out. But not to myself.

The phrases in the loving kindness meditation are;

• May I be safe

• May I be happy

• May I be healthy

• May I live with ease

• May I be free from danger

You send love to yourself first and then you send it out to others.

When you love yourself, your relationship to your body, your mind, your heart, and others will improve for the better.

“Loving-kindness is meant to be done in the easiest way possible so that the experience springs forth most gently, most naturally.

Thoughts are very important in doing loving-kindness—not to struggle to get a certain kind of feeling. Let your mind rest in the phrases. You can be aware of the phrases either with the breath or just in themselves—the focus of the attention is the phrases. Let your mind rest within them.” Cecile A-Pasquier

When was the last time you expressed kindness and compassion to yourself, appreciated yourself and all that you have to offer?

Try it right now, give yourself a big hug. Love and respect yourself as you are right now, you are good enough!

“The cultivation of love and kindness toward oneself allows one to offer greater love and compassion to others.”


  • Enricoh Alfonzo


    se manifique motivation vibes & perspective changes. just what i needed today, thank you so much

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