An Attitude of Gratitude

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A book I am loving at the moment is by author Pam Grout called “Thank and Grow Rich”. I have it on Audible and have literally listened to it 4 times. I listen in the car, I listen on my walks and in any spare time that I have. It is simple, funny, thought provoking and makes such sense to me.

Based on the teachings from A Course in Miracles it is a 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

“Practicing gratitude, more than pencilling a written list is to practice alchemy. Looking for the good in life literally changes things. Physically changes things. Financially changes things. Mentally and emotionally changes things. It literally rearranges atoms. Living on the frequency of joy and gratitude causes cataclysmic reverberations. It takes you straight to the Divine Buzz.” Pam Grout

Here are some key takeaways from the book ⇒

♦ When you access the power of gratitude, there’s a lot of different ways to feel abundant and to be abundant.

♦ The best way to get rich is to access the power of gratitude and get on the frequency of joy and gratitude.

♦ Be grateful for everything because there is so much to be thankful for.

♦ We’re so focused on all the things that aren’t going right that we forget how much there is to celebrate in our lives.

♦ The universe is abundant and intelligent, and it is always trying to interact with us, always trying to bless us.

♦ When you’re in the divine buzz, you’re on the gratitude frequency. You will feel led and guided, and magical things happen.

♦ The idea that you are serving something bigger than yourself is crucial.

♦ Before doing anything in the morning, you set the intention. You say, “Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today.”

♦ You draw into your life whatever you put your attention on. With the power of gratitude, when you put your attention on looking for blessings and miracles, you’re going to see blessings and miracles.

♦ Gratitude is causative energy. The power of gratitude plants seeds that could grow into unlimited abundance.

♦ Who we are is love.

“The universe is programmed for your joy.” Marianne Williamson

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