My Moments of Gratitude

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gratitude-project-supershazzer-blogBy Sharon Atkins

Breathlessness and heart racing I worry about my health, my heart and loss of life. What could be wrong with me? What would my family do if I wasn’t around any- more? The doctor refers me to the clinic where I enter a cubicle with a plastic curtain drawn and have an ECG, blood pressure checked and tests done. Everything is fine except for low iron levels, so I supplement my iron but still feel the breath shortage which leads to further worry and anxiety.

Beta blockers and anxiety tablets are what the doctors prescribe. I think to myself, there must be another way.

My journey back to health starts with researching supplements online and becoming friends with my local health shop staff. They suggest the best options from rows of tablet filled bottles that all look the same to me. Good nutrition that supports the body not over stimulates it. Topped with being set through my paces at a small gym by a personal trainer dressed head to toe in charcoal grey pushing me, “keep going, finish that lap, you can do it!” he barks.

This is followed by Body Talk Therapy sessions which work on balancing past issues and looking at family bonds and forces. Further personal development processes are done on unlocking and dissolving past issues. Prayer from my childhood is recovered and renewed and provides great comfort.

Finally, I find the curtains are drawn open and the light shines back in and emanate out.

This perceived set back has led me to a more mindful life, a spiritual journey and an awareness of the fragility of life.Gratitude fills my heart for that!


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