The Wellness Series- Meet Timea, Facilitator of The Flow Experience

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We’re all about encouraging and inspiring in the area of Wellness on this Blog so have started an awesome series of blog posts called “The Wellness Series”.

I hope you gather great information from here and that you learn about what cool therapies there are out there and explore ways to “keep well, stay well and live an inspired life”.

The Wellness Series

 Second up for the Q & A is the inspiring Timea Kulcsar from The Flow Experience.

Q. Timea, please share with us exactly what it is that you do?

I am the founder and facilitator of The Flow Experience as well as a Transformation Catalyst (Life Coach). The Flow Experience is a yearlong online personal transformation journey to help you shift out of the old paradigm of having to stress, struggle and hustle to survive and into the new paradigm of tapping into the ease, joy and magic of life itself. I guide my community to live in flow by coaching them, by creating inspiring content and by sharing valuable tools that support their journey. I am also the necessary reminder of ease and flow when they’re getting sucked back into stress and struggle. My skills as a Transformation Catalyst are used when my clients need some extra attention in times of a crisis or a big life decision or if they need ongoing personal one on one support.

Q. Tell us about your training and how you got to be a Transformation facilitator?

I’m trained by the school of life. As this Flow work didn’t exist in the world before I created it, there was no training available. There were other teachers and authors speaking about Flow and the flow state, but none that were actually teaching flow principles. Living in Flow was an inspired answer to a problem I was experiencing in my life in 2013. I was working with Donna McCallum – The Fairy Godmother – we were the catalysts for massive transformation in the lives of our clients, helping them to live their dream lives through our programs, workshops and talks. But we weren’t living our dream lives! I was working 12-hour days, highly stressed, exhausted most of the time, eating on the run and generally pretty miserable. I knew there had to be a better way to do life. So, I sat with the question of what that was.

Live in Flow was the answer I received.  For a whole year, I lived in flow. Documenting and experiencing for myself what I now teach. The process I went through in that year, the highs and lows and the tools I used to keeping shifting back into ease, form the foundation of the Flow teachings. After a year of experiential learning, I was ready to teach. Over the last 4 years I have helped over 250 people to shift into flow and to create their dream lives. I have lots of success stories of my clients who now live truly magical lives. 50% of my clients are still members of The Flow Experience 3 years later as they continue to learn and grow and get ongoing value from being part of the Flow community.

Q. How will The Flow Experience help people? How would they benefit by doing it and working with you?

The Flow Experience will be your accountability partner, your gentle reminder, your support structure and your tribe. The consciousness journey can be scary and lonely. You can start to feel like you’re going crazy. That nobody understands you or is like you. You start to wonder whether you’ll ever find your tribe. And even once you’re on the journey, the ‘old’ world of stress and struggle can suck you back in. I am here to make sure that doesn’t happen.


» You will have a community of like-minded people to inspire and support you on your journey

» You will have access to an abundance of Flow tools to help you

» You will receive weekly emails to guide you with course work, meditations, practical tools and exercises for you to do

» You will have 24/7 access to coaching, guidance and wisdom from me and the whole tribe on our private Facebook group

While each person’s experience is unique, you can expect to experience the following shifts:

✰ From day-to-day drudgery and feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ to experiencing the succulent aliveness of life — everyday!

✰ From living out of fear and scarcity into opening and trusting life through presence and heart-centered practice.

✰ From uncertainty about ‘your gifts’ to being clear on your Soul-Vision and using it to create a powerful NOW.

✰ From being alone on this journey to having a tribe that supports you and holds you (gently) through all your ups, downs and transformations.

✰ From struggling to be ‘in control of everything’ to trusting life and letting go

✰ From putting your needs last, to learning how to gently take care of yourself along with the needs of others, to fuel your life.

Q. What is a helpful idea or tip that you can give to our wonderful readers on how to live a more purposeful, inspired and fulfilled life?

Flow is a state of mind, a way of being. It is the confluence of having a vision for the future AND being at ease in the now. Having a vision for the future is what pulls you forward, gets you excited about taking the next step in your life. Without a vision for the future, you get stuck in your comfort zone or pulled back into the negativity spiral. There are lots of tools out there to connect you to your vision for your future (dream mapping/ goal setting/ vision boards etc) so if you don’t already have one, create one. And at the same time, be at ease with where you are at now and grateful for what you have. This sounds like a paradox because it is. Life is full of them. The ability to hold both these concepts will free you. One of the most powerful tools I have for when you’re NOT at ease in the now, when all hell is breaking loose, is this Flow mantra.

‘Even though this situation is not ideal, in this moment, it’s ok, and in this moment, I’m ok.’

Use this mantra whenever anything is going ‘wrong’ in your life and watch how quickly you shift back into ease.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am offering a free 7 days of Flow email series to anyone who is interested in living in flow. Experience the magic of living in flow with this email journey to guide you. Shift from constantly feeling busy, stressed and struggling to feeling deeply at ease, ridiculously happy and full of life. Sign up now! 7 Days of Flow

Q. How can people reach you?

The Flow Experience Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Thanks so much participating and sharing with us.

If you would like to be featured Contact us…

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  • Rose McClement


    Timea Aka The Flow Alchemist, is everything she says she is to the Flow Experience community. I’m one of the 50% of the peeps that has been involved as a part of this community for three years now, going into my fourth. I was one of the ‘ originals’ and during the course of these three years, living in Flow has made such a difference to my life, along with other influences at the same time.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Rose, thanks so much for the comment. Wow, it is so great to hear of your experiences with Timea and The Flow Experience.

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