Elan from Sleek Geek on Emotional Eating

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I have been on a bit of a journey with emotional eating and realise that for me it is not enough just to manage what I eat and when I exercise but also to work on managing my emotions in relation to eating and food cravings.

When it comes to emotions and eating the two are intrinsically linked for me at the moment. I spend hours a day researching and writing on wellness and know a lot about health and nutrition but still get urges and cravings for “unhealthy foods”. I know it is more than just gut health and self- discipline and there is a reason that goes deeper into why I want that food that I know is not good for me and WILL contribute to me gaining weight.

That is why I was so excited recently to hear Elan Lohmann the founder of Sleek Geek speak at a networking meeting with Xtraordinary Women about his journey with emotional eating and his methods for managing this.

Sleek Geek is an online community of support and motivation for your healthy lifestyle goals.

It is a good feeling to know you are not the only one dealing with emotional eating and it is actually quite a common thing. The issue comes though when we feel we aren’t in control and we can’t stop ourselves even when full or feeling satisfied.

Emotional hunger…

Elan says that you have to ask yourself- is your hunger based on emotional hunger or real hunger?

He says in that moment of ‘hunger’, if I offered you a piece of steamed fish and some steamed vegetables would you eat it? If the answer is no then you are probably emotionally hungry.

Be mindful of what is happening around you and what you are feeling. What are your triggers; are you tired, angry, anxious or lonely?

Figure these out and then find better ways to manage and deal with these emotions. Go for a walk, exercise, play with the kids or walk the dog. Do something fun.

Some more general strategies that help include:

·         Identifying what foods lend to your downfall

·         Improve your nutrition

·         Get more (or better) sleep

·         Design your environment for success

·         Do whatever you can to manage the emotional eating

When you get that urge take just 5 minutes before you act on this hunger and reflect on what emotion is actually there. Ask yourself what emotion you are actually experiencing and whether eating is an effective way of managing this emotion.

More about Sleek Geek- Sleekgeek is where you come to meet and be around like-minded people every single day. The kind of people who are going to help you become a better, healthier, and stronger version of yourself.

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I hope this has been helpful. Do you experience emotional eating? What methods do you use to assist you with this? We would love to hear.


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