The Comfort and Discomfort of Eating

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Alone, sitting in the car surrounded with crumbs and grease stains on the steering wheel. I haven’t even left the parking lot as I roll down the crispy brown paper cover. I bite into the soft, tasty, decadent forbidden layers of pastry and seasoned fatty sausage.

My eyes close as I chew and savour the taste in my mouth.

I swallow and allow the congealed mix to settle in my stomach and let the bad fats travel to and add to the heaviness and weight that protrudes from my hips and stomach.

The weight that doesn’t belong there but has remained like an unwanted tenant that refuses to budge and will not leave. The extra weight that I carry that I hate but am also in awe of.

The rolls of flesh that surround me, that hold me back from moving forward, from moving in general, stagnating and sitting. Holding me down like a prisoner in a dark, dank and dingy dungeon, trussed to the wall with cuffs.

That momentary satisfaction of taste and combination of fat, salt and spice and comfort. Then the conversion to discomfort and that uncomfortable feeling that sits in the heart and stomach and the question, why did I just have that?

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