Eating! What is with it and all that we attach to it?

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A Healthy Weight- It’s Not Just about The Food”. Powerful stories and experiences that connect.

Why the desire to eat the wrong things, the cravings, the rush, the guilt and the strong desire to consume? Most often the unhealthy harming foods that are available in abundance.

I know there are physical reasons obviously. You are hungry, gut health imbalances and of course the addictive nature of sugar and refined carbs.

As Mark Hyman M.D says, “Being addicted to sugar and flour is a biological disorder, driven by hormones and neurotransmitters that fuel sugar and carb cravings – leading to uncontrolled overeating.”

We all know the harm and damage these sweet, processed and high carb foods do to us, but we eat them anyway.

What is with that! I believe though that there are often deeper reasons. Deeper underlying issues.

Is it filling a need, filling a gap, denying an emotion?

That moment of eating that provides comfort, that feeling of joy from the high that comes with the sugary indulgence and taste sensation.

That momentary escape from life that is achieved when sitting with a cup of tea and making your way through a packet of biscuits.

But escape from what is the question? Is it an escape from feeling those hidden feelings, those untouched emotions or those thoughts that have been covered over?

Or is it just because those things, those biscuits, those indulgences are just so damn tasty that you can’t resist them?

No. I know deep down it is not that. Those things, those ‘bad foods’ are laden full of the bad fats, refined sugars and carbs and are detrimental to your health and weight. They can harm the body and mind.

With this knowledge, why then do we continue? Continue to have lapses from our otherwise ‘healthy lives’. To appear to have no control and do it anyway. Those sneaky Cinnamon Buns, cheeky chips and hidden hamburgers.

I’m asking these questions for myself as I continue on my own wellness journey and self-discovery. Hopefully what comes up is also helpful for you and puts you in that mode of ‘Enquiry’ as Byron Katy puts it. Question your thinking and what comes up for you.

“Only when we love and accept our bodies for what they — all their imperfections included— can we find a healthy way to let go of extra unwanted weight and keep it off.” Marianne Williamson

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