Things My Mother Taught Me

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I think about the women who have influenced my life, the teachers, friends, my dear sisters and my Mom. I see what I have learnt from them and the positive aspects I have taken from these interactions. Since becoming a Mom myself I now particularly appreciate my Mom and the sacrifices she made for us and I appreciate the many many things she did for us. Here are a few of the things that I learnt from her.

Be on Time
Manage your time so you are not late. This shows respect for yourself and whoever you are meeting. It is simple, just plan and make it happen.

Trust Yourself
Go with your gut and how you feel. You know what is good for, what works for you so trust that. You have a deep resource of understanding and resourcefulness inside you so use that.

Be Polite
It doesn’t take much. Say please and thank-you. Maintain integrity in all things, the way you speak, your work ethic and everything else.

Believe in Yourself

You are stronger and more powerful than you think. Remember that always. Don’t allow anyone to walk over you. Your opinion matters.

Giving is Good
You can’t lose from giving. The universe has a way of returning it back to you. Give of your time, pass a smile on, acknowledge people.

Be Frugal
Take care of your money. Appreciate it when it comes in. Manage it well. Shop around, look for a deal. Think before you spend.

Live and Let Live
Live your life according to your values and allow others to do the same. Respect people’s opinions even if you don’t agree with them. People are different and we need to embrace that.

Enjoy Yourself
Have fun, do things that make your hear soar and your soul happy. Take friends and family along for the ride with you. Take time to indulge in that book, sip on that hot cup of tea and get stuck into that chocolate cake.

“Behind every good person is a great Mom.”

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