Why Do We Always Start Diets on a Monday?

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weight loss and starting diet on Monday Super Shazzer Sharon Atkins

“I have been ‘starting a diet on a Monday morning’ for like 3 straight years now. But seriously, next Monday.”

Ok, so you have fallen off the weight- loss band wagon, or have never been on and you want to start again or just make a fresh start.

We tell ourselves on Monday. On Monday we’ll start our diet, eat less, go to gym and generally be amazing and disciplined and lose lots of weight!

I know I have that conversation in my mind quite regularly…

Sharon Atkins Diet on a Monday

According to the Daily Mail Aspirational Google searches for the term ‘diet’ were found to peak on Mondays and decline as the week draws on. This was true of any calendar cycle; the beginning of a new month or season for example, and dramatically so at the start of a new year.

Some start on Monday but rarely get past Tuesday. What is with that??

Is it the psychological effect of a Monday? New beginnings?

Is it the fresh start effect? Clean slate and starting over, a renewal of sorts?

‘Humans like to be reminded “here is an opportunity, go for it”… to start on a day that signifies a new beginning or a meaningfully important date.’ John Norcross, Professor of Psychology

The problem then is that often you give yourself the weekend before the dieting starts on a Monday to eat whatever you want to in preparation for the total deprivation that you know is coming.

There is another thinking that says… JUST START NOW! This very moment, be present now. The key to change or start over is at the next meal or the next morning.

What works for me

Planning. Looking ahead to what I am going to eat, when I will be on the road and in meetings and what I will need for those times. Make lists of the shopping that I have to do.

Preparation. Mental prep and well as food planning and meal prep. Once again lists and the actual cooking or baking of bread, crackers and egg muffin.

Just doing. You just have to start. Love yourself enough to just only fill your body with healthy, nutritious food.

Weighing. I find that weighing myself every day works. Read to Weigh or Not to Weigh, That is the Question.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to get started. Start right away because every day you wait is one day you cannot get back.

What is your experience? Do your eating plans fail and are you always starting again on a Monday? I would love to hear.




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