To Weigh or Not to Weigh Yourself

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That is the question. Is it good to weigh yourself every day, once a week or not at all?

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So, my story is that my scale was not working for 2 months (the batteries were flat) and I put on 5 kgs…

Ok, ok, I can’t just blame the scale for that but having a scale and weighing myself every day does help. So, I fixed the scale and got back into my routine.

What I do is print out a calendar month from Outlook and have my goal weight in BIG numbers at the end. Then I weigh myself everyday first thing in the morning, and write it on that specific day. This does help!!!

Confront that scale. Make it become a habit.

Because I love my lists here is a list of other benefits for weighing every day…

★ Makes you accountable

★ Tracks your progress

★ Motivates you

★ Improves self-control

★ Shows what you are doing is working (or not)

★ Makes you in control of managing your weight

If the numbers on the scale stay the same or go up slightly, consciously or unconsciously you tend to be more careful that day about what you eat. You think twice before ordering that cookie with the coffee.

If you are consistent with weighing yourself, it allows you to catch weight gain before it escalates too far.

This could be That One Thing that you change in your life.

What the experts say– make sure you weigh yourself first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink, scale on a flat hard surface, wearing the same clothes (or no clothes!) and use the same scale.


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What is your experience? What works for you? Do you weigh yourself?

Disclaimer: All the information on this blog is published in good faith and is not intended to substitute for professional advice. It is a compilation of my own experiences and research. Any action you take upon the information you find on Super Shazzer, is strictly at your own risk.

  • Karin


    I weigh myself once a month. If there’s a big jump up or down then I visit my GP.
    Other than that I go by feel. If my jeans are a bit tighter, I cut down on sweets and carbs and run or add another sesh to my schedule.
    I like the idea of printing it out though. Thanks for the tip!

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Karin, thanks for the comment. I tried to use how my jeans feel on me but just not enough… you just wear baggier clothes (in denial I know).
      The print out works for me and there is that big goal weight at the end which is a motivator. Best wishes.

  • Sarah Althouse


    I do not weigh myself. IN fact, most of my life I’ve been a little what people would consider “underweight.” At one point I did get a scale and tried to get my numbers up but it was just frustrating. Now I eat healthy, but as much as I want and don’t worry about the numbers.

  • Hemanth


    I do weigh myself sometimes and it is a good thing to do.

  • Amanda


    Love your list! I myself do not weigh myself. It makes me a little OCD at times. 🙂 I usually go by the way my clothes fit. This is a great topic and is so different for every woman I think. Thanks for the read!

  • D @ Be You and Thrive


    I used to train and weigh in once a week to track progress. I found that it was helpful, yet also used progress photos once a week (I competed). Because muscle weighs more than fat, the progress photos were more helpful for my goals. Another great option is to be aware of how your clothes are fitting! Great article!

  • sonali jain


    Loved your post, i don’t weight myself . numbers never gonna matter. 🙂

  • Dawn


    I used to think I didn’t want to know and I would just focus on taking care of myself. And then, I went over 45……….. I’m reminded that my body isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago. I need to weight myself often and do better keeping track of my progress.

  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...


    I weigh myself about once a month, weight isn’t an issue for me. My partner weighs himself once a week to check how he is going reaching his goals

  • Corey | The Nostalgia Diaries


    I lost a lot of weight about a year and a half ago and I was weighing myself multiple times a day. It’s taken a while, but I finally have kicked the habit, and now only weigh myself occasionally. It’s better for me this way!

  • Karen at MomAgain@40


    If Zi don’t weig myself, I pick up weight as well! I always hope for the best, but it doesn’t work for me!
    Great tips!

  • Divya


    I’ve recently tucked my scale away for a little bit. It’s taking a vacation. I started weight training last month and the numbers on the scale are screwing with my mind. I feel stronger, I feel healthier, but I weigh more.

  • Brittany Ferrell


    This is very interesting! I do not weigh myself. I let the doctor do that whenever I have a checkup. I like to judge myself on how I feel and that seems to work for me. Maybe I need a little alarm that says “Go to the gym! Chasing a toddler does not completely count as a workout!” Haha

  • Kristin


    I understand both sides of the story… those who do better without a scale and those who need it. Personally I need it to keep myself accountable, otherwise I struggle big time!

  • Angie


    Great post! I don’t weigh every day, because I would drive myself crazy, but I do weigh every week! Even when I’m not trying to lose weight I do it, to make sure I’m still maintaining and not starting to gain again!

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