Keeping on Track Whilst Banting or Keto

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I go to coffee shops quite a lot. I meet clients there or friends, I work from them, I wait in them for my next appointment or just sit a moment in a cool coffee shop, take a breather, read or catch up on social media while sipping on my flat white (must be hot, no sugar of course).

Read more about this – Things I Love…Coffee.

But… temptations are everywhere.

When you are on a wellness and healthy eating plan with banting or keto, like I promote with my clients what are the options?

How Do You Manage?

o Not go out to these places, avoid the temptations
o Take your own healthy treat
o Have somethings small
o Share something
o You are not tempted at all when you go out
o The coffee or cappacino is the treat after all
o Give up your goals in that moment
o Go with the 80/ 20 principle

For me – I just sit and savour the cappacino or flat white or have filter coffee with a dash of cream. I occasionally would choose the banting snack option if they have or I have the piece of dark choc it comes with or I have a stash of healthy low carb bars or cookies or a few pieces of dark choc in my bag that I dip into on occasion.

But the cookies in a Seattle, the pastries at the Woolies Café, the custard tarts in a vida e caffè, the toasties at Mugg & Bean, the muffins from Kauai and of course all the other awesome coffee shops in an around Cape Town or your home town. All so tempting!

How do you deal with these delightful, delicious or some would say dangerous and damaging treat options and temptations? I would love to know.

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