My Word for the Year… Mindfulness

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“Wherever you are, be there totally.” Eckhart Tolle

Mindfulness! I chose this word as a theme for my 2018 year and hopefully going forward for my life.

Last year was Be Bold. So, you might ask, how did that work out for me? Well, I took a lot of action steps, I showed up, I shared, and I spoke up. Seriously! I came a long way with those words at the back of my mind and my screen saver for reminders.

So, what exactly is mindfulness? I suppose it has different meanings for everyone but for me-

“Mindfulness is the practice of being present for every single moment as it comes and being aware of your surroundings, emotions and thoughts without being judgmental.”

It is a basic ability we can all nurture and bring into our lives. Allowing the mind to attend to what’s happening, to what you’re doing, to the space you’re moving through.

And no, its not just about meditating, yoga and quiet walks as my cynical husband suggests. It is something you integrate into your life as you go through your day.

Some more benefits from this practise-

♦ To be fully awake in our lives
♦ To not be overly reactive
♦ To be conscious of your body and the space it occupies
♦ To be aware of what is happening right now
♦ To be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing
♦ To perceive the exquisite vividness of each moment
♦ To not be overwhelmed by what is going on around us
♦ To constantly put things in perspective
♦ To balance our emotions
♦ To live life fully

“Mindfulness is resting deeply and calmly in nature, in your being and allowing it to lead and guide you through life. It is a way of life!”

Some reminders and check ins for myself-

• Commit to be present in each moment
• Scan my body and ask what is happening
• Suspend judgement for a time

From a practical every day point of view-

• Be present when I am with my kids, not distracted, on the phone or working
• Breathe and be aware of my breath
• Feel the emotions in the moment and express them
• Deal with cravings when they happen and understand where they come
• Be fully present as well when driving and on the roads, to be aware and considerate

This is not a new word for me and I have explored it in quite a few other posts on this blog. Check them out-

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What is your word for the year? What would you love to do more of this year?

  • Juwayra


    I love the word you chose for this year. Being mindful is so important. Something I need to work on as well.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Juwayra, thanks so much for the comment. Much appreciated. Yes, it is an ongoing journey to learn to be aware and in the moment.

  • Michelle De Jager


    I cannot agree with you more. Being Mindful is so important. I often try and hide what I feel specially in front of my children. Just being mindful has helped me be present. Great Blog . Really love it.

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi Michelle, thanks so much for the comment and kind words.

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