Basic Rules of Banting

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Just in case you are one of the very few people who does not know what Banting is, it is a diet and lifestyle that is low in carbohydrates and high in good fats. You just eat real foods (as close to their natural state as possible) including a moderate amount of proteins, natural fats and nutritious low carb vegetables.

Here are some basic Banting rules and guidelines

1. Banting is about eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied.

2. Eat clean, fresh, real food. Do not eat processed or pre-packaged food.

3. Make sure that you include fats, proteins and carbs in all your meals, whether you are eating three meals a day or only two. Meals must be nutrient dense and well balanced.

4. Do not eat more than three meals a day; there is no rule dictating which time of the day you should eat or that you have to eat all three meals.

5. Do not have sweeteners in your coffee or tea; go cold turkey if you want to see results.

6. Drink water throughout the day, but only when you are thirsty. We recommend between two and three litres per day, but you know your body and how much you can handle. Coffee and tea count towards your daily water intake.

7. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. If you experience energy loss in the beginning, you may supplement.

8. Do not drink any fizzy drinks, fruit juices or ‘slimming’ drinks, not even if they claim to be sugar free. They all contain artificial sweeteners and additives that can have a negative effect on your health and weight.

9. Do not snack between meals unless you are really hungry. Snacking between meals can lead to weight gain. If you are hungry, drink a glass of water- sometimes thirst is registered by the brain as hunger. Ask yourself why you snack- is it because you are bored, emotional, stressed or really hungry?

10. What works for you may not necessarily work for other. We are all unique. Don’t blame Banting if someone else’s plan doesn’t work for you.

11. Don’t keep adding fat. There are more than enough fats in the food that you will be eating.

12. Eat vegetables. They make up most of your allowed carbohydrates for the day.

13. Avoid counting calories. In the beginning you want to consume less fat to give your body the opportunity to use its stored fat for fuel. If you follow calorie recommendations, you may end up eating too much fat.

14. If you need to count anything, count macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats), but pay particular attention to keeping your carb count low.

These should help you on your Banting and wellness journey.

Taken from ‘’The Banting Pocket Guide’’- The Noakes Foundation

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