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Sometimes there’s nothing better than working hard and getting sweaty when training at the gym or when running. I never thought I would say that! I have always been active but had previously never done any formal training.

However, last year I discovered group exercise training and I love it. A combination of crossfit and personal training sessions we sprint and squat, do burpees and box jumps and pull-ups and push ups.

It ain’t all pretty though. Sometimes I swear under my breath at the trainer or grunt unattractively when I do my hundredth sit up, but I keep going.


I had all the excuses in the world previously (and they still raise their ugly head at least once a week)- too tired, got work to do, it’s time consuming, it’s tough, costs too much, scared of injuries but I persist and am slowly seeing results.

Workout happiness is a bit of a secret science but the best reason for me to pursue the training is that I want to look better naked

Other benefits of course…

·         The health factor- the whole body is impacted in a good way from heart health to lowering blood pressure

·         Anti-depressant – anxiety is forgotten and the training is an instant stress reliever

·         The joy factor- endorphins are produced and creates a natural feel-good boost

·         Look what I can do- you get better over time (I can do a handstand and have done an obstacle course race)

·         The mental release- clears the mind of past thoughts and future worries

·         Results- stronger, better toned and more flexible body

·         Confidence booster- your self- esteem soars and you see potential at every turn

·         Mental strength- you learn resilience which creates focus and a tough attitude

·         Role model for kids- lead by example. Your training sets an example for their future fitness

·         Human interaction- you are part of a community of people with a focus on wellness

·         Me time- a space away from family and work where I focus on what is good for me (yay)

It also allows me to make space for new opportunities in a new day and encourages reflective thought.


Some motivation to get you into the workout groove; put in in your diary, try different workouts from yoga to swimming and make sure that the venue and times are convenient for you and have fun!

What exercise do you do? How do you stay motivated? I would love to hear what works for you.

 I train at Active Life Training or find them on Facebook.

  • Kimberly


    I recently signed up for a virtual run so I’m hitting the treadmill everyday to get in all my miles … so far, so good!

    • Super Shazzer

      That is awesome. So many cool apps online these days.

  • Kate


    So inspiring which I need! Thanks for sharing, so important to find an excercise you love.

    • Super Shazzer

      Thanks so much. Yes, you have to enjoy it and has to be convenient in between work and driving and kids etc.

  • candy


    I have always wanted to use a trainer. For motivation and to get me set up with the right program that will work.

    • Super Shazzer

      Yes, I need someone who is going to push me. I am not going to do it on my own. Also it works out cheaper if you are in a group class.

  • Holly


    I have been struggling to get back into shape since having my daughter 4 months ago. Thanks for the tips- I hadn’t thought about group classes before. Currently it is me and Jillian Michaels in my living room 🙂

    • Super Shazzer

      Thanks for the comment. Start small. Some great apps out there you can get on your phone or tablet. hang in there 🙂

  • Leighann


    Love this! I used to be a competitive weightlifter…it’s a lonely world, lol, so I always had a playlist to try and get myself amped up and it worked! I’m also a CF coach and definitely see that group training is soooo beneficial to people, I think most people truly enjoy themselves, even when it doesn’t look like it!

    • Super Shazzer

      Thanks for comment. Music is SO important. We have it pumping at our training. People do feed off the energy of others so the group training is fun, also the trainer doesn’t JUST focus on you…

  • Kristin Cook


    The excuses are so true! We can always come up with some sort of excuse, but we have got to find a reason to exercise that beats the excuses. I have a couple of reasons and I am trying to remember those.

  • Danielle


    All great reasons!!! I use an elliptical machine and do some weight training. I also use Bikini Body Mommy, which is great since I can do it when the kids are up.

    • Super Shazzer

      Awesome, thanks. I will look that up…

  • Qarnita


    Hey cool! Didn’t know you blogged. Will keep an eye out , looks fun

    • Super Shazzer

      Hi there, thanks 🙂

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