The Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight on Banting and a LCHF Diet

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A low carb high fat diet means you eat fewer carbs, a higher proportion of fats and minimise all sugar intake. This way of eating makes your body switch from burning carbs for energy to burning fat.  By using the body’s fat reserves for its energy requirements, fat and weight are reduced. That is why this lifestyle is so effective.  Read more about the Banting Basics.

It’s simple you would think- stick to meats, fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables and healthy fats and you will lose weight and be healthier. You don’t need to count calories or weigh your food. Well, it is easy but like with most diets you can get distracted, waylaid or as I like to say ‘you fall off the banting wagon.’

Well, get yourself right back up again, shake off those doubts, insecurities and self-limiting believes and get right back onto this healthy lifestyle that we call banting.

Here are 6 things to be aware of and to consider;

Too many carbs– these have a habit of sneaking their way back into our diet. Track what you are eating and check the carb count of your ingredients. Reduce the number of carbs you eat to between 25g and 50g – depending on your insulin resistance (from Don’t get into the habit of cheating and then starting all over again.

Too much fruit– fruit contains natural sugars and natural fructose so having too many can stall your weight loss. Berries are best of all the fruits and bananas and grapes are right at the bottom of the forbidden fruit list.

You’re not eating real food– this lifestyle is not just about lowering carbs and increasing fats it’s about eating real, nutritious foods. Throw out all the readymade ‘health bars’ and processed brought meals and cook your own real food. No preservatives, additives and colourings in home cooked meals. Treats like banting biscuits and cakes should be occasional treats had not eaten on a daily basis.

Snacking on nuts– nuts are real food and they are a great source of selenium, omega 3 and fibre and high in the good fats. But it is easy to overeat on nuts. They are tasty and crunchy and you could eat a large amount before feeling full and satisfied. Cashews are the worst for carbs and make sure if you have a mix it does not contain raisins or dried fruit.

Too much dairy– I love dairy and have it as yoghurt, cheese and in my coffee but you will find 25gs of carbs in 10ml or 150ml of milk. Dairy products also contain a lot of protein and protein like carbs, can spike insulin levels, turn into glucose in the body which drives energy into storage. Butter is great as it is low in protein and lactose and won’t raise insulin levels. If you are not losing weight drop the dairy for a while and see what happens.

Not enough fat– Fat makes you feel and satiates you. That is the good fats of course like olive oil, coconut oil and butter. Fat is also full of Vitamins A, D, e and K. According to the Diet Doctor, when you begin your low-carb journey, you may find some high-fat foods taste ‘too rich.’ Be patient. As you transition to your new way of eating, both your body and your taste buds will adjust. Work up to eating enough fat to avoid hunger and allow your body time (at least a month) to settle into its new pattern of burning fat instead of carbohydrates.

Drink more water– stay hydrated by drinking clean water every day. Water helps the body metabolise fat and suppresses the appetite. It also helps maintain the balance of body fluids and makes your skin glow.

Be patient and kind to yourself. Remind yourself why you are doing this. (Put this reason on a post it and keep around you.) Get support for yourself- there are some amazing sites out there- Getting Great Support While Banting.

My reason- I am doing this to be well and healthy so I can live a long healthy life and be around for my kids and hopefully grandkids. I want to be strong as I get older so I can still contribute and enjoy my life.

Read What I Love About Banting.

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